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Street foods, in Kolkata especially, is loved by everyone all around India. There is no arguing with that. We do not need a reason to go hangout at our favourite phuchkawala or momo walaae bhaiya. Whether we are taking a break during office hours or waiting for our friends to come out of their tuition, we just cannot resist the urge to dig into a plate of these unhealthy, yet tasty food items. Kolkata, being the heart of the street food committee in India  has a huge variety of food items not just of its own specialty but also from other corners of this incredible country. While some street foods in Kolkata can be a bit pricey because of them being famous, here is a list of top 10 street foods in Kolkata under Rs50 that can easily fill up your stomach without falling heavy on your wallet.

1. Kathi Rolls

Where : Zaika, Park Street

Price : Veg Rs20, Egg Rs30, Chicken Rs40, Mutton Rs50

What better way to fill your stomach besides with mouth-watering kathi rolls, with juicy and delicious stuffings. Located at a walking distance beside Park Street metro station, they serve hot kathi rolls for which street foods in Kolkata is famous for. It was first invented in Kolkata and athough there has been many variations and twists, the original Kathi rolls can still be found in Zaika and it is maybe the best thing you can eat. Grab a bite and let your taste buds dance in joy.



2. Kochuri

Where : Maharaj, Near J.D Park

Price : Rs6 per kochuri with sabzi or aloo free



Hot kochuri with tangy and spicy sabzi is the best thing to satisfy your hunger in a very cheap price. Located beside the famous Monalisa guest house, on crossing of Jatin Das Road and Land’s Down Road, it is a must have if you want to indulge in the traditional Kolkata flavour and because to relive the city of joy. You can also try the famous “maatir bhaare” chai and the lip smacking, hot jalebis too.



3. Deep Fried Snacks

Where : Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja, Surya Sen Street, near College Square

Price : Fish Fry Rs30, Fish Roll Rs40, Mutton Cutlet Rs30, Chicken Cutlet Rs30, Egg Devil Rs20.


This place is a gem in every possible way. Located near College Square, on Surya Sen Street, this place is one of the oldest street food shop in Kolkata and houses the best telebhaja (deep fried in oil) snacks for people of all ages. You can ask anyone the location of the shop and they will immediately point you out. The prices are so low that you’ll come back again and again to take a bite of the tasty fried snack.



4. Phuchkas

Where : Maharaja Chat Center, near Vivekananda Park

Price : 4 pieces in Rs10

Kolkata is a place where each and every phuchkawala makes a phuchka which is to die for. Topped with mashed potatoes, tetul gola jol (tamarind water), tangy masalas and the phuchkawala‘s unique style makes them like little drops of heaven. Kolkata’s phuchka is quite different from golgappes or panipuris and is a major reason why Wikipedia has termed them “the king of street foods”. Don’t forget to try the churmur, dahi phuchkas and also spicy aloor dum.



5. South Indian Foods

Where : Madras Tiffin, near Metro Cinema Hall, Esplanade

Price : Sada Dosa Rs50, Idly Rs40, Sambar Vada RS40


Sit back and dig into a plate of amazing South Indian dishes in this small place. The food quality is amazing and you’ll relieve the South Indian vibe in the food. This is one of the vibrant part of the street food culture in Kolkata, where each and every variety of food is found. This is a hit among the shopping goers who after a tiring day want to indulge into some sambar and idly. While some items maybe a bit pricey, many common ones like dosa, idly, etc cost within Rs50.




6. Chole Bhatura

Where : Jalpan, Girish Mukherjee lane, Bhawanipore

Price : Rs40 per plate

Who doesn’t like a good plate of Chole Bhatura? They make one of the best Chole Bhaturas in South Kolkata and has an amazing taste to it. This is a 36 year old shop and the quality of the food is still the same as it was before. Many office goers usually have their lunch there and it is always buzzing with customers. Fill your stomach with this mouth watering dish with a glass of lassi and forget all your worries.



7. Beef Kebab Rolls

Where : Nafeel Restaurant, Park Circus

Price : Rs15 per Roll

If you feel that chicken and mutton rolls is being too common for you, then you can drop at Nafeel Restaurant and enjoy the juicy beef kebab rolls. Situated in the heart of Park Circus, this restaurant is a little old but it holds the name of the best restaurant for this particular roll. You can get Beef Biryani for only Rs60 but the rolls is a must try. Although Nizam Restaurant is famous, Nafeel Restaurant is also a jewel in every term and is truly a must try for all meat lovers.



8. Ghugni with Bread

Where : Chitto Da’s Shop, Dacres Lane

Price : Rs20 per plate

Chitto Babur Dokan needs no introduction. Among fellow street food lovers in Kolkata, this is a gem of a shop which sells amazing food at pocket pinch prices. The most famous is the Chicken Stew priced at Rs80 but the very commmon Ghugni with Bread is a tasty dish and is priced at Rs20 per plate with two pieces of bread and some ghugni (boiled chickpeas prepared with common spices and diced coconut. However on the street you may not find coconut in it but with a little Imli juice and freshly chopped onions it becomes more delicious on the streets)



9. Bapi Dar Momo

Where : Bapi Da’s Shop, Near Salt Lake opposite to Karunamoyee Bus Terminal

Price : Chicken Momo Rs35 per plate, Chicken WIngs Rs40 per plate, Chicken Pakora Rs40 per plate.

This famous shop of Bapi da is very small but don’t let that fool you. It has a massive fan following which can rival that of KFC even. Bapi dar shop is a bit hard to find but ask the locals for guidance if you get lost, it’s super hit that everyone knows the place.The quantity of the food which Bapi Da makes has remained a hit even after so many years and is a huge hit with street food lovers in Kolkata. With a menu offering soft and delicious momos, tasty chicken pakoras and lollipops, crunchy chicken fry and spicy chicken wings, customers are spoiled with delicacies. Most importantly they are served fresh and hot and that is the beauty of it.



10. Thukpa

Where : Available in the lanes of College Street.

Price : Ranges vary but mostly less than Rs20.

A Tibetian food item, it has a huge popularity with the street food crowd of Kolkata for its unmatched taste and ingredients. From veggies to chicken, anything can complement the noodles in this amazing dish. Besides it is one of the comfort foods of college students and of local persons there and is a huge popular dish too.


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