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Some people just love cooking, others just love to eat. You can say I fall in the middle of it all. I am an ardent food lover who loves to experiment with different street foods and also to come up with favorite recipes for making those tasty dishes at home. Fine dining and all is okay but have you ever sat down outside and had food like you had at home? Or did you try to recapture the same taste of your favorite food stalls at your home? My goal is to enhance the lost gems of street food of Kolkata andĀ to balance out the funky outdoor teekha with the indoor mithaas.

Kolkata is a gem of its own and I’m venturing into all the possible tijoris of Kolkata and then try to venture out into our incredible India’s other magnificent cities. You guys can drop down in your favorite street foods you would recommend to me down in the comment section. Till then let me take you out on a tour in our very own SeherĀ to delve deep into foody matters. Happy eating folks!

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